Is Videography Worth The Investment?

Short Answer- YES!

If pictures are worth a thousand words, whats a video worth?

Weddings are commonly referred to as the best day of your life for a reason. It is the moment you officially choose someone to walk through the rest of your life with you, through the good times and bad.

Most people cite wedding video’s to be expensive as the reason for not having one, and they are. But they are 100% worth it. You are worth it. They are a priceless memory you get to cherish forever.

Our Top 4 Reasons For Hiring A Videographer:

1. Remember Your Day Like Never Before

Photographs are great, and essential to any wedding no doubt, however when compared to wedding videos they are limited as they only preserve a snapshot of a moment in time. Video’s capture the movement, emotion, sound and heart of your wedding.

It’s no myth that your day will feel like it flew by faster than anything you’ve ever experienced. The little moments throughout your day go by so quick and although you get to cherish them at the time, memories fade and are soon forgotten. With a video, you get to vividly relive each part of your day and instantly feel all of the emotion that went rushing through your body as they were happening.

  • Getting ready with your closest family/friends

  • Putting on your dress

  • First look

  • Walk down the aisle

  • First kiss

  • Party bus

  • Entrances into reception

  • Toasts

  • First dances

  • The party

2. Cherish The People Who Won’t Be Around Forever

It may sound a little morbid, but it is a fact that the ones you love will not be around forever. A video not only captures the highlights of your special day, but also all the people you love and want to be able to go back and remember when they are gone. I often think about what it would be like to watch my grandparents, or even parents wedding video if they had one.. How cool would it be to see they way they looked at each other on that day or the way they interacted with their parents and guests?! Again, pictures might showcase these moments but they don’t do it justice and only show you so much.

3. The Details And Things You Will Miss

Weddings are extraordinary occasions, that take months of planning and preparation to achieve. But after all of that is finished and your big day arrives, how much of that will you actually remember?

On your big day, you won’t be able to be 5 places at once and chances are you will never get an inside look into the way your flower girl smiled from ear to ear walking down the aisle as you waited in the wing, how much fun your guests had during your cocktail hour or see the anticipation/excitement your fiancé felt as they tied their tie or put on the dress.

4. Act Now, or Regret Forever

Again, it’s no secret that wedding video’s by a professional who has your best interests in mind are expensive. However what’s the cost of not being able to look back and relive your day? A video allows you to not only relive the day yourself, but go back and show your future children what your day looked like and the way you felt.


We understand the significance of your day and the memories we are entrusted to preserve. With that, we have fine tuned our process for not only booking and reserving your day, but make the planning process fun and exciting allowing you to help plan and decide what’s important to you.