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How many outfits should I wear for my engagement shoot?


generally tell my brides 1-3. I love at least two options, with one being on the dressier side and the other more casual. Ultimately this is up to you! Wear what you both will feel comfortable in and that represents who you both are in your every day life. 

How many locations should we shoot at for the engagement session? 

I typically pick one main area (downtown, a park, museums, etc.) and then branch off and do several different spots in that area. However I am always open to multiple locations- if you have more than one place that is unique and special to you as a couple, please let me know and we can definitely accommodate!

What time of day should we shoot at? 

I typically shoot two hours before sunset or two hours after sunrise. The light is the most flattering and you will not be subjected to harsh lighting, which is so important. (plus you get those amazing sunset shots!)

How many images will I receive

I will send you a full gallery of edited pictures (75-100 typically) in the form of an online link where all photos can be downloaded for your use. 

How long does editing take?

For engagement sessions, I will typically have them back to you in 7-10 days. For your wedding day, I will have them back to you fully edited in 14-21 days. I will be sure to let you know if otherwise. Like the engagement, I will send you an online gallery of all your photos fully edited and available for download after your wedding. I will also give you a flash drive at no charge if you wish- just let me know if that is something you'll be wanting!

How do you pose couples and make sure we look our best?

You won't believe how many brides tell me they are nervous for photos because they're afraid of being awkward. Trust me, I won't let you look awkward! We guide you through a variety of poses and make sure we have plenty of options to choose from. We are in this together and promise you will look stunning! 

What is your photography style?

I shoot digitally at the moment. I love capturing natural light images with both candid as well as more artistic posed shots. 

Will you follow a shot list or do you prefer to capture free reign?

While of course I will be shooting free reign the majority of the day, I welcome and recommend that you provide me with certain shots you know you will want! Send me a list or even images that you love so that I know before the big day what you are wanting & how I can make them happen!

How many images will I receive

I will send you a full gallery of edited pictures (700-1000 typically) in the form of an online link where all photos can be downloaded for your use. I can also provide you with a flash drive.

Can we order prints & albums directly from you? 

Yes, I can certainly help you order prints/albums at an additional cost.

Do I receive full printing & copy rights?

Yes, once I deliver your images, they are yours to share and use as you please. 

How will you and your assistants be dressed? 

We usually wear black or muted tones and tend to dress on the dressier side, but will dress to blend in with your event! As a photographer, I often wear flats to make sure I can be quiet and move around easily throughout the day. 

How many photographers will be there?

90% of the time, I have an assistant second shooter with me. If you have a small, intimate wedding I may not.

I hope this answers at least some of your questions! Please reach out to me at any time with any questions or concerns. 

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